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Invaluable Audition Techniques to Hone Your Skills

Increase your chances of landing a role with the audition techniques from WB Workshops in New York, New York. Course offerings include:

Commercials "Outside the Box" with
Valerie Adami & Diakeim Lyles

Six Sessions
Work on scripted and non-scripted audition material to sharpen your script analysis and cold-read skills and learn to ace the "improvised" audition. Covers reading from cue cards, commercial styles, single person and "doubles" copy. This course is taught on-camera.
Fee: $195


With Agent, Valerie Adami & CD Bob Kale
4 Classes

What Does The "Complete Audition Technique" Cover?

  • All work is on-camera - learn from your playbacks
  • Fast efficient script analysis
  • Allow your personality to inhabit the character
  • Understand how the camera sees you - employ the subtleties of body language
  • Control the casting with confidence - what you convey when you enter the audition room.

Whether it's one line or three scenes you want to bring your A-Game. Get experience with film/TV scripts - from sit-coms to major motion pictures and see on-camera, the results you don't get to see in the audition.

You really do need to do it all and impress on your first read. Various audition exercises and continued practice help the actor demystify the process and give you the confidence to make strong choices and trust your instincts. A sensational deal at $250.
Call 646 285 3367 or email: valerie.wbworkshops@gmail.com 

Auditioning for Musical Theatre
With Bob Kale, CSA

Eight sessions
Work on Broadway musical audition songs and cuts tailored to YOUR needs. We will focus material you are lacking whether it be rock, contemporary, golden age, legit, 50's pop, etc. Organize your book! Handle nervousness! 32-, 16-, and 8-bar cuts? What will make you stand out rather than blend in with everyone else? Major concentration on breath control. Geared toward both acting and singing songs. The course offers a validating environment for growth via supportive suggestions for change. Fee: $500.00

Film Acting Technique with Jeffrey Zeiner

Ten Classes
Jeffrey's unique approach starts with the concept 'you do the acting, not the script' This inside-to-outside film acting technique assures the actor he is thinking and feeling the beats of the story long before going to script. The camera can see in your eyes if you are being honest, connecting, and in the moment. A free sample class is available before each term to introduce the actor to Jeffrey and his style (Thurs., May 19, 2016 from 7:30 to 9:30 PM). For additional information see www.jeffreyzeiner.com -- call Jeffrey directly at 212-245-1237 to discuss registration. Fee: $375 payable in three installments.

Application & Refunds

You may want to schedule a general interview to discuss your career goals. Registration is confirmed only when payment, by cash, check, Visa™, Discover™, MasterCard™, or PayPal™, has been received. A full refund minus a $25 cancellation fee will be granted with one full business week's notice. With less than a week's notice, you can receive a class credit, which are good for one year from the date of the original class. A $25 bookkeeping fee is charged to apply a credit to another course or another term. No refunds will be granted once a class has begun, no exceptions.